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You have to know where you’ve been to know where you are going. Kappa holds a special place in its heart for Fraternity history, but every chapter of our organization has unique beginnings of its own. Each plays a part in shaping us today.

The Delta Upsilon chapter of Kappa Kappa Gamma was founded on February 14, 1948, at UGA.  While the campus has grown exponentially and the female enrollment is double what it was during the Delta Upsilon chapter’s charter year, the fraternity still holds a reputation of excellence, sisterhood, and honor on The University of Georgia’s campus and proudly consists of over 225 active members.

Kappa is located at 440 S. Milledge Avenue. Over seventy young women live in the house during their time as a chapter member, typically as a sophomore.  We have two, three, four, and five–girl bedrooms, a wonderful meal plan, and beautifully decorated common areas. One interesting fact about our house is that we were one of the only sorority houses at UGA that was built with the sole purpose of being a sorority house! Included in each members dues is a certain amount of lunches and dinners per semester for them to choose from, dinner on Monday night before chapter meetings, as well as access to study rooms, common areas, and an art room.

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